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10:37 a.m. - 2005-11-28
I went to see the new Pr1de and Predjud1ce Friday afternoon, and it was awesome. I think it is my new favorite, because they shortened the scenes that took too long in other versions, and cut out the unneccesary scenes that made them boring. The casting was beautifully done and the music was perfect.

I also thought it was a bit more realistic emotionally. A bit more raw and intimate, yet not modernized nor out of context with the time.

I highly recommend it for the romantics in all of you.

One thing that did surprise me was the number of men attending. Couples, mothers and sons, etc. And when the movie was three minutes late getting started, it was two men who got frustrated and went to talk to the manager. A bit freaky if you ask me. I'm not sure whether they were anxious to watch the movie, or anxious to get the obligation over with...

Tonight, I'm getting my haircut. I will no longer be "the girl with the black and white hair." Nope, I will be the girl with the black and brown hair instead. I'm also lopping off two or three inches. Its gonna look fab.

If you read Sixweasels (you should if you don't), you may have read that I was picked up upon by an Old Balls. We were watching my favorite local Irish band at my favorite Irish pub in The City, and old dude kept staring at me. It was rediculous. I think I spotted a puddle of drool developing under his stool. Anyway, dude asked Six if she would give him my phone number. Which of course she didn't, because Six loves me.

It wasn't even a cute hit. Dude was nasty, old, fug.

They're either 17 or 71... Unless they work on cruise ships and are hot as hot gets. (Grinning from ear to ear.)

Yes, at every mention of Max I still get tingly, smiley and blushy. He was so good for me. I dearly hope we stay in touch and get to see eachother next year. I am sending him a Harley shirt from a local town to replace the one that got my make-up all over it. It was his fault. He kept licking my nose, and I had to wipe it somewhere... But there's no telling whether he could get it out of his pristine white shirt, which he ironed. Yes, my brown baby is obsessive-compulsive. That could be a good trait. I'll bet he has the tidiest cabin on the ship. Probably why they let him keep his cabin to himself when his roomie went off to live with his girlfriend. I get the feeling that Max is well liked onboard.

I know I'm supposed to be dating and everything, but really, if its between an obsessive - compulsive Caribbean man and a dirty Old Balls, do you blame me?

Seriously, I am really trying to get out there and meet people, but is hellaciously difficult when the pickins are so crappy on land. On a boat, I can find an endless sea of men to choose from. I've always resonated with the sea. Ever since my dad read me Moby Dick when I was a youngin, I've had a facination with whales, ships (not boats per se), storms and seas. If it weren't for damned pale, sensitive skin, I'd be much more of a water baby, because I feel most at home slipping through water like a dolphin. Or on a boat in stormy weather riding the waves as the wind howels.

Anyway, Six and I have a lot more exploring to do together. There have to be cool prospective Assholians out there just waiting to be found and incorporated into the cirle of trust.

Speaking of which, I'm really dying to boot the founding member - Sully -- in the ass. If he doesn't stop being freakin mean to me I'm gonna explode. Every word I say lately is slapped back in my face by that sarcastic little twat. I understand that he's going through a rough time and all, but I'm about done with being the whipping child. I've gotten to the point where I almost dread him going out with us, because I would feel guilty about calling him out while he's in such a state, but my control ove my tongue is wearing thin. Not that it didn't start before the stuff with his sister went down, but you just don't beat a man when he's already limping. Even if he is being an asshole of the bad kind. So, maybe being out of commission for a while won't be such a bad thing for our relationship.

Amendment to the entry: That last paragraph has been on my mind all day. Now, I'm not sure whether my choice not to confront Sully is really being nice, or if its more being passive-aggressive/non-confrontational. I've been rather non-confrontational lately, maybe because over the last couple of years I've been a little overly aggressive, and I'm sort of swinging back the other way. My relationship with Sully has always been precarious. He's always treated me as an outsider, except for the rare occasion that he's expressed affection and trust in the extreme. And that's only been during the times that H and I have been hooked up. I wish I could figure out why he only treats me like I'm worth something if I'm fucking his friend. Even when his friend is fucking someone else instead of me, he treats me like baggage. Maybe its Sully who's being the passive-aggressive. If he feels as strongly as he acts, then he must have a pretty hefty beef with me and he needs to come out with it. Because if he doesn't, one of these days I'm gonna let rip all this bottled up anger toward him and its gonna be ugly. U.G.L.Y. And that will be my fault for letting it build up instead of letting him know from the start that he's hurting my feelings and making me mad. But, I just don't know how to talk to him. Every time I try to start a conversation and Six isn't there, he walks away from me mid-sentence. I'm just so done with it. And he needs to go fuck himself.


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