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9:55 a.m. - 2005-11-29
Decisions, decisions.
Oh yeah, the hair rocks. Its about 6-7 inches shorter, almost back and crazy layered so I have these little spikes coming off of it, and these longer tendrills in the front. Its too cool.

Everyone says it makes me look very modern and younger. That's always a good thing, yes? Yes.

I feel happy today. Maybe because I don't have mounds of thick, heavy hair weighing down my head. I feel like I can think more clearly.

Weird, I know. I'm in a weird little mood. I'm gonna have Six take pikies of me at the beach so I can send them to Max. He needs something to remember me by, but I hate the pic of he and I together because its a bad angle and I look rather more plumpish than I really do in person. I REALLY don't need to look more plumpish anywhere. Not exercising is bad for the rump and belly. But when exercise causes pain, its a no go. Not muscular pain, like teh kind you get when you pump too much iron, but the kind of pain that you get in your abdomen when there are too many little alien tumors pushing major organs around and being dicks about everything.

I'll start off with some light yoga a few weeks after surgery, then progress to the elliptical, then add in weights. I can't wait to feel better. This is the last bandaid surgery though. I've already decided that if it happens again, I'm getting a partial to get rid the the problem once and for all. I'm sick of being in pain, feeling bloated and not being able to move freely every couple of years, waiting to see what happens, then getting painful major surgery to patch up several chronic conditions. And for what? To keep my fertility in tact, when I've never even gotten close to being in love enough to have a kid with someone?

Its crazy. There are too many kids who are abandoned to the foster care circuit, live in countries where they are lost and forgotten in orphanages where food and hygiene are scarce, or have mothers and fathers who are divorces and could use a bit of stability and extra love and support from all sides.

So there. Its decided. One more go at this.

Besides, I have cute as hell hair. And that's what really makes the world go round.


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