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1:29 p.m. - 2005-12-01
I have bought all my Chirstmas presents with the exception of one silver watch for the 17 year old kid I "adopted" for Christmas. All he wanted were black and white t-shirts, socks, a football jersey and a silver watch. I know the kid is basically homeless, but I thought that list was pitiful.

So I threw in a couple thermal shirts, and a couple of nice popular flannel shirts for layering, and he's getting a nice watch. Not something that will be stolen, but definately a high quality piece that looks like something a 17 year old kid would be proud of. Some thing that won't be losing its battery power within a week.

It'll go on a 0% credit card, like the rest of Christmas - one I won't blow out, but I am obligated, and my position is a lot better than his right now. He needs good stuff that won't rot or fall apart, because it may be all he has for a while. I really cut down on the amounts I spent on everyone this year. Its the best I can do.

I'm supposed to be getting a raise shortly, so hopefully, I can figure this madness out and get somewhere with paying shit off. I'm tempted to pay a financial analyst to help me out with budgeting, planning, etc. I am definately disabled at those things myself, because I've been trying really hard and failing.

Someone who makes my salary, has no car payment and pays 400 a month in rent should not get anywhere close to these situations. I make twice as much as my step-dad ever did but seem to have less and I am in a heap of debt. How the hell did he do it?

God I'm a freak.


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