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10:59 p.m. - 2005-12-04
Max update.
Oh yeah. You know you've got it bad when he calls you AS SOON AS HE GETS BARS ON HIS CELL as his ship sails into the American harbor at 3AM in the morning when you are passed out from drinking a bottle of wine and many free Jaiger Bombs (what is it when all the bar tenders what to give you free drinks al the time???) and you actually get out of your warm, toasty bed, half nekkid, dragging all your blankets with you out to the balcony in practically sub-zero weather to talk to him for two hours saying things like, "God I miss you" and "Yeah, that action on the pier was a great appetizer, but when do I get the main course?", etc.

Thought I'd never finish that sentence, didn't you?

Yeah, only my own, personal St. Vincentian could wake me out of a drunken stupor and make me enjoy it.

This man is SO for me. He is a smart, sexy, intuitive, teasing, exciting, worldly, yet earthy kinda man. Sort of like me, but masculine. And that voice kills me. Which makes the long distance thing all the more bearable.

Now, if you want an Assholes Weekend at the Beach update, go read Sixweasels. I couldn't have done it better.

I gotta go to sleep now so I can go to work tomorrow like a good girl. Because Max is calling on Tuesday, which means I might not be sleeping much. I'm thinking phone sex. Just to set me up right before I have to have surgery. I have two weeks to go and I don't mean to waste them.


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