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1:39 p.m. - 2005-12-05
Good for something...
Entry two: Its been two weeks now, and my dildoriffic package from the party still hasn't arrived. I got the one, which, though pretty, isn't all that it was built up to be. I mean its supposed to do tricks that it in fact does not do. Its cool looking and all but I'm more the type to use my toys rather than hang them up as art and objectify them.

How am I supposed to have decent phone sex if my happy fun toys don't perform to specs?


I guess I'm just have to rely on old faithful.

I'm starting to save now for when Six has her party and I can order the super delux doldoriffic toy that has 300 different functions. That way my girl gets credits towards more happy fun toys of her own. That's the cool thing about hosting one of those home parties, whether it be skincare, Tupperw@re or happy fun toys. Free stuff!!!

Speaking of dildos, I threatened to hit (go read Sixweasels if you haven't or this will mean nothing) Psycho-balls over the head with a box of tampons if I encountered him in the hallway the morning after our encounter. However, I'm thinking that the non-tricks doing dildo woud make more of a whallop. Its the jelly kind, so its really heavy and wobbly. I might keep it under my bed in the event of a burglary. One good thump would knock the most tenacious of criminals out cold.


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