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12:51 p.m. - 2005-12-06
Chocolate my ass.
I think I just proposed marriage to captainron's dog...

My company gave me a great "Holiday" gift this year.

A giant chocolate bar.

Have they seen my ass lately? I think they secretly want to make all of us so plump we can't fit into our suits anymore to go on interviews. Not to mention the zits. Its a conspiracy.

Speaking of my ass, I can't wait to begin a post-surgical workout regimin. I long to work out in the cinema room watching movies while my plump arse becomes less plumped and more pumped. Not that I expect any miracles, but it will feel so freakin good to get moving, pain free once more.

I feel like everything but my love life has been on hold for months. You'd think that having girlie issues would put a wrench in the love life as well, but these parts don't know who they're dealing with. High maintenance fuckers...

Now, I've been inviteded to stay at a friend's mother's time share in Costa Rica this summer for a simple housekeeping fee and a plane ticket. Not bad, huh? So the line-up next year is:

February -- Six and Zen go back to the Ocean with or without The Boys (undecided as yet) for a long weekend of "Assholes in Winter".

April -- Max in Bawlmer stayin' wit me, mon!

May/June -- Six and Zen in Chicago - woo hoo!

June/July/August -- Zen in Costa Rica with Doctor in residency friend

October/November -- Six and Zen take on Ireland, possibly explore Scotland, fundage allowing.

Yeah. That's my kind of year. And if I'm a very lucky girl, I might get myself a half price cruise to Bermuda ala Max. Just for a little extra quality time you know...

That makes it all worth while.


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