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1:18 p.m. - 2005-12-07
Its all about me.
Entry three:

Because there can never be too many... Swiped from You!

1. Spell your first name backwards: I'm dyslexic for Pete's sake. Everything is backwards.
2. Story behind your name: The real one? It sounded good with my brother's name.
3. How old are you: 34
4. Where do you live: If you don't know, its because I don't want you to.


5. Wallet : magenta with dutch looking flowers.
7. Toothbrush: which one? I'm kinda compulsive...
8. Jewelry worn daily: misc watch
10. Pillow cover: flannel
13. Sunglasses: I buy in bulk because I lose them.
14. Favorite shirt: This weekend, something that showcases the girls.
15. Cologne/Perfume: The original Noa (Cacharel), Emporio Armani She, Victoria Secret Heavenly Angels
16. CD in stereo right now: Sean Paul, The Trinity, swapping for Darude, Before the Storm
17. Piercings: one in each ear, but I have nose clips for special occasions when I'm not boogery
18. What are you wearing right now: low waist, boot cut blue jeans, dark grape sweather, brown leather boots.
19. Wishing : I were on a ship.
20. Wanting : Max in my bed.
21. After this : working in my own special way...
22. If you could get away with it would you murder anyone: that's just asking for a lawsuit
23. Person you wish you could see right now: Max, my Great Lakes Friend, Six all together having some drinks at The Bar
24. Some of your favorite movies: The Shipping News, Mystery Alaska, Beyond Borders, Last of the Mohicans, Hotel Rwanda, The Matchmaker, Saving Grace, King Arthur...
25. Something you're looking forward to in the coming week: My New Years Party
26. The last thing you ate : Burrito, beans, chips and salsa
27. Something you are deathly afraid of : nothing
29. Do you like incense: love it
30. Do you like the taste of blood : I don't like the metalic taste
31. Do you believe in love : Of course
32. Do you believe in soul mates : in many different forms
33. Do you believe in love at first sight : not sure
34. Do you believe in Heaven : No, but I want to.
35. Do you believe in God: No, but I want to.
36. What do you want done with your body when you die : Feed me to the sharks
37. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be: I've met a few men that would make great pets
38. What is the longest you've ever stayed up : almost 5 days on the cruise
39. Can you eat with chopsticks : yup
40. What's your favorite coin : what kind of stupid question is that?
41. What are some of your favorite candies : Vin Diesel, Clive Owen, Gerard Butler...
42. What's something that you wish people would understand about you : Some understand me more than I would like.
43. What's something you wish you could understand better : Numbers
44. Who is someone that you really wish was still around: My dad


45. Who are your best friends? I'd like to think I've grown out of the best friend thing
46. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: nope
48. How many actual relationships have you been in: whatever...
49. How many people have you kissed : more than ten, less than 50
50. Are you shy around your crush: No crushes, just intense like mixed with intense lust.
51. Still have feelings for anyone you've been in a past relationship with: Nope. I'm happy to be rid of them all.
52. Do you know what it feels like to be in love: I don't think so.
53. Would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friends : What the fuck???


54. Where is your favorite place to shop :,, (they sell some pretty scary stuff, but their happy fun toys are top notch, and the customer service is wonderful.)
56. What is your favorite thing to wear : my cool magenta suede watch
57. What is a must have accessory : music (thanks You)
58. How much is the most you've ever spent on a single item of clothing : 250 for a prom dress
60. Who is the least fashionable person you know: everyone is fashionable in their own special way
61. Do you match your belt with your hair color : What the fuck again???
62. What is the worst thing you've ever thought looked good: the guy who killed his wife...
64. How many pairs of shoes do you own: 15. Hiking boot fetish...
65. What is the worst trend you see today : prejudice against obese people


1. Do you do drugs : unfortunately, but they're all legal
2. What kind of shampoo do you use : Therma Silk, Dove and Biolage
3. What are you listening to right now : Opera - Turandot
5. Who was the last person that called : My Great Lakes friend
6. Where do you want to get married : I think so.
7. How many buddies are online right now : Cell phones are the new IM dude!
8. What would you change about yourself : better health, increased fitness, more openness of mind and heart
9. What are essentials in your life: music, art, love, travel
12. Do you send out holiday cards each year: uh...


1. Hair: shortish, choppy/piecey, black
2. make-up: powder, mascara


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