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10:46 a.m. - 2005-12-07
To Michael.
Entry two:

Someone near and dear to me has broken some heart-breaking news today. He's going to be giving his son to heaven soon. Much too soon. Please do whatever it is you do to offer archangel666 and his family some peace. Be it a prayer, a spell, a thought, whatever.

Arch (Michael) was there for me when times were rough and I needed a friend to lean on. He talked me through some scary times, and opened old wounds to make me aware of some things I needed to know to take care of myself. There's a good chance that if I'd actually had cancer a few months ago when this newest of girlie health problems was discovered, his brave generosity would have been instrumental in saving my life.

So, please do what you can, what you will. He's a kind soul. He deserves peace and happiness.

Thanks guys.

(Kisses and hugs to you Michael. Whether or not you read this, its here, and I am thinking of you.)


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