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8:47 a.m. - 2005-12-14
Everything and nothing.
I was almost killed at the Kmart last night. By an angry shopper who was bitching out the customer service lady at the front of the store. She flew out of the building as I was coming in and knocked me so hard I nearly toppled over.

Good thing she wasn't armed. I think I'd be dead. And I'll bet it was all about a Christmas present that wasn't in stock.

Chirstmas, people.

I want to tag people who are unable to handle Christmas with grace and dignity so that they are not allowed to celebrate anymore. Like a Scarlet Letter. The Scarlet D. For Dickwad.

Speaking of dicks, I haven't receiveed my new one in the mail yet. Only two more days to go... However, I did take the advice of the cruise girls and invested in a removable pulsating shower head. I even bought the one that donates to the Breast Cancer Foundation or something. So really, it was more of a chartiable donation. But I needed something to get me through 6 weeks of no "sex". I'm assuming that "sex" means no putting anything in anything, but that having a happy fun time without putting anything anywhere is OK as long as I feel well. Hmmmm. Maybe I should ask.

My doc is going to think I'm a big momma hating perv.

Wait! I AM a big momma hating perv.

Heh. Heh.

Oh, did I tell you I tell you I adopted a kid for Christmas? The kind that you buy shit for, not the kind you have to house and feed. I got him some cooltastic stuff that I'm gonna wrap at my desk today. So, everyone - pray or something that he has a good holiday and a good life. He's 17 and has nothing and nobody, and before that he had a load of shit piled on him. These gifts may be the last he ever gets. Bless his little heart.

My Max gift is shaping up. I bought cookies and tarts that should fare well in the mail. A little something to fend off the lonliness of being on a ship in the middle of the ocean during the holidays. He and his other friend Max will have eachother, but the more merriment the better.

I also bought some for my bookstore friend that I will leave on his doorstep this evening. That should cheer him a bit.

Maybe Christmas gifts are good for something. They do let people know that you think of them during a family kind of time.

I dunno.


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