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9:15 a.m. - 2005-12-15
Happiness is a big, brown man and a late delivered toy.
This might be my last entry for a while. Depending upon my success with loading AOL for a 45 day free trial at my mom's house...

And depending upon how mouthy I feel today.

Max called yesterday, but like a ninkumpoop I had my ringer on low from the last time I went to the movies and I didn't get it. He said he'd call today though. I hope we get to connect today. I really miss him. I get butterflies in my belly when he calls, and I get a little anxious while waiting in between.

I like feeling this way. Its cool. Makes me warm and fuzzu all over.

Methinks he'll be very pleased to get something in the mail from me. Plus, I sent a picture. I finally found a good one that was recent. I imagine that he'll walk around with it in his chest pocket while he's working.

OH! I got my new happy fun toy in the mail last night and WOW. I am So Happy. Every lady needs one of these things. If I were rich, every lady WOULD have one of them and the world would be a better place.

Now, you guys know me. In the pecking order (heh, heh) Max came before the happy fun toy. So you know I'm a gonner, right? Because Max is one big, warm happy fun toy.

I'm off to do some workie stuff now. I'll pop in later.


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