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6:39 p.m. - 2005-12-24
Garbled up nonsense.
I've spent the entire day watching the Laguna Beach marathon.

Is this my life for the next 5 weeks???

It has been enlightening. I now know that rich kids in the OC spend their time shopping, dating eachother's sig others and eating. Eating is really big. Kinda boring, but when you have an entire day with absolutely nothing to do, what the hell.

I did break up the affair at 4pm for a Vin D1esel viewing, took a bath and read a book about a family living in the New York frontier, and am now settling in to find some cheesy Christmas movies on TV.

I'm all alone today, and the family is celebrating Christmas Eve in farm country and I wasn't up to going along. Honestly, I'm never up to going along to spend time with that side of the family.

My god kids and their parents were supposed to coem over tonight, but they ended up dropping by to pick up their gifts at around 3 instead.

That's OK though. The dog and I have Vin.

I wish Max were in Florida today. I'd like to chat for a bit. I'd really love to have his company as I sit on the couch and watch Christmas crap. He'd make me smile over and over. Until he licks my nose or an ear and makes me squeal, then wipe the offended part on his shirt.


I'll dream about that tonight. Since I'm forbidden to have dreams of a carnal nature for 5 more weeks. What's a girl in lust to do? I actually had one of (those) dreams in the hospital while hopped up on morphine. It wasn't my fault. But it did prove to me that even if I'm one soldier down, I've still got it.

Is it May yet?


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