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10:16 p.m. - 2005-12-26
I win the balls contest!!!

Max called again as he was sailing out of port to say sorry for the early phone call, but he would absolutely do it again, and Happy New Year.

So, ladies, I must say that I have the best balls of all, hands down.

Tonight, my mom took me out for a drive in the country (eeeek!) to look at Christmas lights. I felt like a dog. being taken for a drive. I hate being incompacitated. I don't feel that incompacitated. In fact, when Max called the second time today, I felt so not incompacitated that I totally forgot about the surgery, and flopped onto the bed belly down. It took everything I had not to screech bloody murder.

Fuck my abdomen hurts.

I'll be sure to keep my girlie tendencies in check for the next few weeks.

I'm already planning my escape from the parental abode on Friday. I get to drive on Friday, and walk up stairs, so I am homeward bound. Then, I get to look forward to some time in The City on a real bed when Six's "roommate" goes out west in January.


Its nice to look forward to things when you are stuck in a place that you don't feel comfortable. It hasn't been that bad...yet... Not since the actual day of surgery when mommie dearest decided to attack me and make me feel like utter shit before I even got to the hospital. If I weren't so raw about the surgery in the first place, I would have been OK. But being vulnerable around mommie is a bad thing. And the thought of having two weeks at her mercy was dreadful at the time.

I think that dread actually fueled my recovery though.

What a freakin' bitch.

Anyway, I've got a hot Caribbean calling me twice in one day from an exotic location and she has a lonely, shit life that she made for herself. So I figure I'm the lucky one.

Next time though, I'm finding someone reliable to take me in after surgery. If there's a next time. I'm on a new mission to find alternative methods of preventing female trauma from creeping up. I'm going to check out an acupuncture place and a lady who does reiki healing while I'm off to see if I can circumvent another episode like this. I know this isn't a helpless condition.

Its good to feel positive, and feel like I am taking charge of my health in a new way.

Wish me luck! Maybe I'll find the cure. If I do, I'll share the wealth.


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