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11:26 a.m. - 2005-12-26
The downside to having a relationship of sorts with a cruise bartender is that he will call you whenever he has a chance, which may be at 5:30 am after his shift when he gets back to his cabin and finds the only Christmas present he's received this year. A box of cookies from you.

He must have said thank you a million times.

Then he said a lot of stuff in ...Caribbean???... that I had no clue about. But it sounded very excited and sweet.

He's still waiting for the cruise line to let him know when he's going to re-board the ship after his three month or so vacation on St. Vincent. He's definately leaving the boat on Jan. 9 to go home.

Max was talking about what he would do when he goes home. He's so bad. He said he will spend about a week with his mom and family then run around and get drunk with his friends for the rest of the time so his mom doesn't have the opportunity to chain him to a church pew and save him from himself. He has such unrest about home. I don't know his whole story yet, but I know that there are two Maxes. One is the soft spoken, rooted in family, wise and fair. The other is about 16 years old and runs as fast as his legs will take him.

Anyway, my running boy is looking to spend a week with me when he gets back to Miami in March/April. Either I'll go there or he'll come to Baltimore. He's pushing for Baltimore, because he wants to be a gentleman and come to me. No promises, but he's going to try to make it happen.

He's the most confusing man I've ever met. I like that. Its fun. Its exciting. He's a puzzle that I don't have to figure out. He's just Max. My friend. Well, my super sexy, tasty, fun boy friend.

I did get back to sleep. So I can forgive his odd timing.

On the surgery front, I'm feeling much better. I'm still feeling like my pelvic area is one big bruise, which it is, but little by little its easing up.

The dog is asking (demanding) her noon snack, so I'd better hop to it. See ya!


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