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10:27 p.m. - 2005-12-27
Going back to work early.
So, apparently I'm such a quick healer that my doc has told the short term leave people that will be back to work after four weeks off instad of six.

Which means I'll be going back to work on FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH.

This is just so Zencelt...

So much for all the partying I was going to do for the last two weeks. Shit, I had hand surgery, hardly major surgery, and I got six weeks against my will.

I'm sure I'll feel fine, I just need to ramp up my activity levels over the next two weeks to make sure I won't fall asleep at my desk when I get back. Going back on a Friday will be nice... Its just totally unfair that I can't have sex for six weeks, but I can work. What the hell kind of society do we live in?

I scheduled a facial for next week since I got a gift certificate. It was really for a massage, but since I can't lay on my tummy for a while, I decided on a facial. Its still pampering.

That's what I got for Christmas BTW. A spa gift certificate from the parent/step-parent, a beginner MP3 player from my brother, a hand knitted scarf from my brother's MIL, a Pier One gift certificate from my SIL's sister, and the ass kicking soundtrack to Deadw00d from Six.

Not bad, huh?

I was driven to a gift shop today and bought myself a bar of vanilla scented French olive oil soap and a tasty organic lip balm for good measure. Its really cute. It comes in a ball with flowers on it and tastes like nuts. It reminds me of the great balls I have.

Hee, hee.

Happy post Christmas everyone!


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