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12:35 a.m. - 2006-01-01
Happy New Year.
Hugs -n- smooches to everybody on this shiny new year. I, of course, had mine two weeks ago, but I'm not opposed to having another one next weekend. I have GOT to out! Two weeks down and I'm going insane.

I did get out today for a bit of walking and shoe shopping, but I think I really did myself in when I moved the rest of my shit back into my apartment. Some of the stuff was heavy, and felt fine at the time, but I'm feeling pretty sore now. Whoops.

Max called while I was in the shower to wish me a Happy New Year. He was in port supervising the champagne loads for the onboard bar service. A LOT of champagne. Kind of like what I drank tonight. Well, a lot of red zin and a lot of champagne. I'm not really a fan of the champers, but I have the zin first so all was good.

Have I mentiond that Max is really cute and sexy?


: ))

Anyway, everyone have a lovely new year. I plan to spend mine enhancing my unique qualities, becoming more true to myself and expanding my world.

That's my resolution.


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