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10:36 p.m. - 2006-01-03
Attitude adjustment.
I've been sucked dry of writing skills. I've got nothing. But it really bugs me when people don't update, because they don't have anything entertaining to say or don't think that their creative wit is up to par.

So here I am updating. Nothing much has happened. I got a facial this morning which, added to the lack of sleep (I'll elaborate in a sec), made me drowsy all day. I followed that up with a nice lunch at a funky restaurant where I had the best corn and jalepeno chowder ever, followed by a pasta dish that was a bland let-down following the super duper chowder. It would have rocked on its own though...

Then I walked around a bit, had tea, and made my way to mommies house to give the dog her new leash, which did not match and thus was returned.

All this activity left me with my entire body aching so bad that I took two Aleve and called it a day. Makes me wonder whether I'm really ready for a trip to The City this weekend. My heart is in it, but my body may not be. I have to remember that I'm supposed to be resting and recovering as opposed to driving across the state to party, party, party.

I just miss my city friends so much.

They're my family. My loved ones. And three weeks of separation has made me miserable.

I'm going to see how I feel tomorrow, and if I'm still dragging, I'll have to be a homebody for one more weekend.


If I could sleep, and nap and do all the wonderfully relaxing things that recuperating people do, I'd feel a hell of a lot better. But as it is I get all antsy and ADHD when I'm sick or hurting. I hate it. I want to be normal!

(Sap warning...) I wish Max were here to lay on the sympathy and bring me tea and coax me to sleep when I'm anxious. He's so soothing. I need me a piece of that. Not like THAT, although that will be a nice sumpim sumpim to look forward to. But I want his calming energy and his strong presence. I think that's what everyone wants when they're recovering from whatever. A strong presence to take care of them. Someone who takes the lead and relieves you of your worries and responsibilities. Someone who makes you feel protected and tells you what to do.

I don't have one of those. Most people want their mothers. I have to put a wall up to keep mine from taking advantage of me. Not the most pampering of situations.

Am I whining again?

Yes. I am definately whining again.

So, the end.

I'm gonna go adjust my attitude.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. The short term disability people really pissed off my doctor by sending me a letter stating that my doc said I was returning to work on the thirteenth. He made no such communication, and told them that I am returning to work sometime after the twenty-sixth, TBD. p>

Cool. At this point, three weeks into it, I know I'd be miserable sitting at me desk all day having to run meetings, break up fights and out manipulate the manipulators for ten plus hours. Way to go doc for sticking up for me.


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