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3:01 p.m. - 2006-01-11
The fives.
Because I've been tagged like a zoo animal -- here goes.

Five freaky things about me:
1 - I hate mayonnaise, chocolate flavored desserts and animal fat. I eat bacon with a knife and fork to separate the meat from the fat. I will shriek if mayo is placed upon my sandwich and I have requested it be left off. I will eat really good chocolates like Cote d'Or or Cadbury, Oreos and Chips Ahoy if I'm PMSing, but think that chocolate cake, pudding, ice cream, etc. are revolting.

2 - I think big, ugly, bald men are sexy. There is the occasional exception, and I've been on a mission to try to find sexiness in other types, but there you have it. I like the ugly.

3 - I'm Catholic. My deceased God-father was an agnostic homosexual who nearly fainted walking through the doors to the church for my baptism. How the parents slipped that by, I'll never know.

4 - I love wind and water. Being in the middle of a storm at sea makes me feel at peace with myself. Being on top of a mountain in strong winds makes me feel pretty much the same.

5 - I've worked my way up the ladder at a major corp wearing jeans, saying dude, sitting in chairs indian style and doing things my way regardless of corporate policy or precedent. I set up a bunch of buddhist and witchy stuff on my desk to ward off corporateness and intimidate my co-workers.

Now, five guilty pleasures:
1 - British Cadbury chocolate candy
(Curly Wurlies woo hoo!) from co-workers who bribe me for favors.

2 - Expensive bath products like LUSH and Elemis. Its an addiction.

3 - More travel than I can afford.

4 - World's Strongest Man contests, men in kilts throwing really heavy stuff, Caribbean bartenders, Italian waiters.

5- Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Buffy, Laguna Beach, Food Channel, Travel Channel and Ink/Tatoo shows. I consider LOST and House intellectual stimulation, so they aren't guilty pleasures at all : ))


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