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3:38 p.m. - 2006-01-14
Nicim and hot men.
Six and I found THE best medicine for horriffic cramps due to unexpected monthly visitors in tandem.

Flight of the Phoenix + McDonalds carry-out.

The later because when post-surgical monthly visitor cramps make you feel like an alien is eating you from the inside out, you shut it the hell up with grease and salt. Yeah, that's right. I ordered my chicken crispy, WITH bacon (meticulously disected), AND I ate every damned fry down to the crumbs.

My cramps are gone...

And The Phoenix because there is a collection of some of the hottest, sweatiest, shirtless men on screen that I've ever seen. I swear if I were out there with them, I'd have gone through every one, one a day, with the exception of the uber psycho nerd, a couple other geeky looking dudes and the lady, of course.

Hugh Laurie makes me swoon on a regular basis, but hot, sweaty and angry as hell makes him twice as tasty.

Six and I agreed that the black guy without the eye patch (Tyrese, Rap star of some sort?)looked very much like my Max, and his charactor was just tough and sweet that I couldn't help wanting him for dessert.

And there were several others, the Scotsman, the Mexican... A literal world of goodies right at my fingertips.

That's what we girls like. Man Candy. A variety of flavors. Sweet, sour, fruity, creamy... Soul soothing, sexy, sweaty men under pressure on a big monster TV screen while eating artery clogging fast food.

Oh, geez. There I went. Drooling on my diary, and not one mention of the delightful summit of Mid-Atlantic D-land chicks. What a nitwit.

Switching gears ->

Six, Batten, Eastportgrl and I met up at The Bar Thursday night and gave Nicim a lovely Bawlmer welcome. We were able to point out a couple of the memorable charactors from the Sixweasels diary, and give her a feel for the hillbilly bar in the middle of The City.

We decided on a dinner spot and headed in to the delight of the clientel (because Assholian ladies turn heads wherever they go, and when en mass, create a frenzy -- bwahahahaa). Yeah, anyway, we really put on a good show for Nicim, who was wondering what sort of women she was hanging out with, because we were all being so good as we got to know our new friend.

Yes, we do actually know our etiquitte, and how to chew with our mouths closed.

Then we headed back to The Bar, and once on home turf, the penises and balls and cussing and bwahahas began peeping out around the corners, then took off full force, because it isn't a conversation with Princesses unless its about asses, and poop, and sex, and willies, and every rude non-topic that one could think of. The alcohol may have lubricated the conversation a bit as well. Maybe.

We had Batten running toward the door blushing at one point early on, because she had to get up early, and because we had moved on to dildos (men and toys). I swear we princesses are dildo obsessed. But, really, we have to face facts. There ain't nothin' like a dildo, is there?

Anyway, I do believe we have a new member of the society of Assholians. Nicim got the stamp of approval, the temporary membership card (your welcome package including permanent wallet card is in the mail Nicim), and the open invitation to return whenever she gets a hankering for hillbillies, assholes or just generally obscene, yet somehow intellectually stimulating, conversation.

Welcome to the pack babe!

Anyone else up for a dousing???


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