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8:04 a.m. - 2006-01-20
Warning - whining ahead...

What is a Hot Caribbean man on vacation doing up at 7:30 in the morning at a cafe calling his buddy in the states who is off on medical leave and sleeping quite peacefully at 6:30 AM her own time?

Teasing her about her dildo addiction and threatening to lick her nose and ears. That's what.

Damned hot Caribbean...

I still feel like shit. Sinus infections suck ass. I've got laundry piled around my ears. I called this new place where I want to live only to find out that the apartments are actually condos going for 270, 000.

If you knew where I lived, you wouldn't believe that a condo would sell for almost 300 thou. I am still in shock.

All the newer places are two beds that range from 850 and up. It just seems like such a waste. But I really need to get out of this place and into a better situation.

I might work on buying a cheaper, older condo nearby because honestly, if I have to spend 700 or more on rent, I might as well buy the place. I just have to move some debt around to make it doable.

This is when I hate being a single. If I were a couple, I could afford to live somewhere really nice. As it is, this sucks.


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