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2:27 p.m. - 2006-01-21
Max is back.
Max is currently planting a garden of yams and other roots in his friend's garden, as his friend is injured (he was the one in the hospital Six, if you remember that conversation). He sounded happy and content. I could hear the relaxation in his voice.

I took the advice of Golfwidow and Nicim (thanks a million!) and thought of things to talk to him about before I called, and it was a big success. We talked of gardening, his family, my god-kids whom I am visiting today, my apartment that turned out to be a condo and his friends, who were all standing around having a good giggle at him while he talked to me with one hand, and pulling weeds with the other.

He made me want to dig in the dirt with him, getting soil under my nails and pulling weeds. Its warm and sunny in St. Vincent today. I could hear the waves breaking over the sand, the wind through the tropical trees, scented with flowers and vegetation. What must it be like to grow up in paradise? To have it be home, instead of a vacation destination?

I heard a bit of the mellow/insightful Max today. I think he recognized that I was making an effort and appreciated it. It was worth the effort. I feel that old glow coming back. The contentment I felt when I was walking with him arm in arm down the quiet midnight streets of Bermuda. He warms me to the toes.

He still asked if he would lick my ears, and I decided that to make this work, I'd have to compromise. So I allowed him one cyber-lick in one ear only, and informed him that I would be hitting the showers directly afterward.

He's the cutest ever. He calls me girl. I like it.


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