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11:07 p.m. - 2006-01-23
Gittin' jiggy with the diary template.
Oh yeah. You've got the right diary. I've gone bright, because its a whole new Zen coming your way. Bright, flashy, with lots of zest and spice.

OK. Maybe not that perky, but this is a cool ass template.

Hey, if you read Sixweasels, she just talked to a man last night that holds lots of promise. Believe it or not, The Bar has two eligible men who are smart, hot, sweet, and just enough redneck to make our girl feel at home.


If you don't read Sixweasels, get your ass in gear and slide on over. She is a very entertaining read, on the brilliant side, and one of my very closest amigos.

I gotta go to bed now. Wish me luck sleeping. I only got four hours last night, and as Six can tell you, I pretty much have to be lead by the hand when I get less than 7.


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