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10:00 p.m. - 2006-01-26
The evacuation and the return of the corporate chick.
I started the day at 5am when an eight alarm fire began raging two buildings down from mine.

Can you say "EVACUATE" class?

It took five trucks with super high ladders and several more with ground hoses to knock the bastard out, but not before it incinerated the entire building. It went up fast and hard, but thank God, nobody was residing in the upper two floors yet and the lower two were cleared out.

Old buildings suck sometimes.

The guy who owns it put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into refurbishing it, and its a damn shame that even though he has insurance, all his hard work and all his tenants' stuff went up in flames.

This is a third fire in town this winter. The last one was about two blocks away. Its un-nerving.

I'm sleeping with my freakin' fire extinguisher form now on. Who needs a warn body with you have a big red can full of pressurized fireproof foam between your sheets?

Speaking of which, I am now to return to all normal activities , one of which, or rather, five of which are in my closet waiting patiently for me to get them out and get on with my temporarily celibate love life.

It was kinda funny at my doctor's appt today. He asked what kind of birth control I was going to use, I sort of said, I don't know, but I think I'll be needing some soon. So I have been given as assignment to research the available options and get back to him for consultation.

He mentioned diaphrams, Depo (I can't take regular BC because of my BP, condoms...

I have to admit, that when I was using condoms in college, they tended to break more often than .01% of the time. I'd say they broke 5.00% of the time. And we even went to classes to make sure we were using them right.

So, condoms, though they will be used, will not be my only defense against untimely pregnancy.

I even researched condoms online to see which ones were the strongest, the most popular, etc. I did learn that spermacide breaks them down so you shouldn't use those. (Hint, hint to anyone using those. I am ever so helpful.)

Life is so full of choices.

Choices, choices.

At least I have reason to make a choice. Cause, even though to don't PLAN to get laid in Miami, I know my hormones, and there ain't no way I'm leaving home without a little sompum-sompum latexy, and I don't mean underwear or leggings.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, the Dr. Office.

Doc gave me a go back to work date of Monday. So, Monday off I go to work. My first day back I have a meeting from 2-6. AND, two of my co-workers are in the hospital, one is in Canada doing something, and my boss if off on medical leave to take care of a family member. Which leaves me to hold down the fort.

I'm not even going to remember my title, no less be sharp enough to back up four co-workers on my first day back on the job. Then there's the meeting that will last until the cows come home. Totally sucks.

But, I will be back in a routine, and the next week I'll be off three dyas to care for my family member who's having surgery, then I'm off to Miami in March.

Not too gruesome.

I'm finally feeling a bit better today, and am going to take tomorrow easy, then blast off to The City for the big birthday party Saturday night.

That should set me up right for going back to work.

Next time I have off for six weeks, I want a built in playmate. And a hobby. I didn't even touch my sewing. I was so sick with sinus infections the entire time that I didn't feel like doing anything much.

I am going to learn how to crochet tomorrow though. That should keep my busy in slow times when I'm off work again next month.

Wow I've been mouthy.

I'm gonna go sleep on my new 1000 count sheets now. They are DREAMY! An oh so cheap at the "O". Just in case you're interested.


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