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8:41 a.m. - 2006-01-28
Max trip.
Did you know that consumer reports actually rates condoms? That makes me laugh for some reason. It seems so dirty...

But this is an important topic, because Max called and gave me the details regarding March and we are a go baby! I was looking for airfare last night, and found one acceptable deal (you'd think Miami would be cheaper from a major area like DC/Bawlmer), but then I remembered that my check card has been lost and I don't have the exp date on it. So I couldn't order it. Shit!

I'll just keep looking for good airfare until I come up with a solution.

I'm really excited to get a full day and a night with my baby though. We'll be able to talk a lot of stuff through, and be able to get a lot of itches scratchedas a bonus. This will be the big, do we want to continue developing a relationship given the new circumstances, or do we want to cut our losses and be friends trip.

We'll know better after spending some extended time together.

I'm also going to get his ass on the internet come hell or high water.


I think I'll go out for a bagel. My cupboards are bare, and I'm starving to death.


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