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2:35 p.m. - 2006-02-02
Men are expensive.
Dating a Hot Caribbean Man is expensive. I'm only saying this in case one of you was thinking about it.

My cell phone bill for last cycle was over 200, and this one will be too. You see, not only have I gone over my minutes by A LOT, but I was calling St. Vincent, which I assumed must be on the network if I can call there, for $1.01 a MINUTE!!! I emailed customer service a couple weeks ago to inquire about any additional charges for St. Vincent, gave the cell phone area code I was calling, and they emailed me back saying that I was unable to call St. Vincent without an International calling plan and so it would not work. So I assumed, again that Max's cell phone must be a Florida number or at least on the network. The area code was just one number off his Florida cell phone he uses on the ship, so it wasn't an outrageous assumption. (Children, never assume.)

It has cost me over 2500 over the last two months just to be me!!!


So anyway, I switched to the plan where you get anytiem minutes, then purchase extras in 50 minute increments for 5 bucks, so 10 cents a minute. And for the same exact price as what I pay now, I get an extra 50 minutes, and I only pay 10 cents a minute if I overdo it instead of 40 cents. And I added international calling for 4 bucks a month that will reduce the minute rate from $1.01 to $.55. Not terrific, but much, much better.

Jeez! Men are so damned pricey! And I said I wanted a boyfriend? Max is getting his Caribbean ass on the internet if I have to break both his legs to make him. (Just kidding. His legs aren't his greatest asset, they're kinds skinny, but I'd never hurt him physically. You have to be so careful these days about how much snark you write without putting in a disclaimer.)

That way we can talk to our hearts content, figure out whether we want to "go steady" eventually, and save our $ for better things, like ice cream (for me), hot wings (for him) and hotel rooms (for booty calls, duh!).

I'm being offered cake right now, so I think I'll boogy on over in case there's ice cream in thy deal.


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