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2:53 p.m. - 2006-02-03
Mom's surgery.
I got up at 4am this morning to take my mom to the hospital for surgery. Which went well. But since she'll be sleeping solid for the afternoon, I'm at work getting some stuff done.

The nurses are a little freaked out. You'd think they've never seen a family less dramatic or less lovey dovey in their lives. People around here tend to put on the obligatory dramatics for funerals, weddings and hospital visits.

Me? I sent my mom off to surgery with a see ya later, and left the hospital as soon as she got out of recovery and I was informed that she was OK and would be sleeping for a few hours.

If it were my kid, husband or someone else I loved, I'd have been there the whole time, been comforting, loving, etc. But come on folks, this is my mom we're talking about. Eeeew.

We don't have that kind of relationship. She'd like to, on her terms, but I maintain as much distance as possible. Its healthier for me, and its me that counts. The only people who come before me are my nephew and any kiddos I will have one day. Not that I will neglect myself or anything, but for real needs, kiddies come first.

Yeah. So the nurses will just have to come to terms with the diversity of families that walk into and out of their care. I don't put on an act for anyone.

So there! (Sticking tongue out of mouth in rude, child-like gesture.)


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