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12:23 p.m. - 2006-02-09
Poor Max is slandered.
Max and I are trying to keep our calls to the weekends, and its driving me crazy! Our weekdays are sort of difficult, because my nights don't start till 9/10 Island time and he's asleep by then, or at least disfunctional from working hard all day, because he wakes up at like 5am to tend to his farm before running around to do the handyman thing. And I think he's learned that calling a Zen before her rates change at 7am is a bad idea because she is completely disfunctional.

What a pair. I miss him when I don't talk to him every other day or so though. Which is significant for a relationship-phobic. Little by little, the ice is melting away.

My farty friend co-worker has run around telling everyone within hearing that I have a new BLACK boyfriend. And she introduced me to a couple of ladies she works with who are dating American black men as if it was imperative that we know about eachohter. Like there's a club you have to join.

I had to explain to her that I do not date black men, I date men. Men in general. Max in particular. And he is not "A Black Man", he is a person with his own special charactoristics, the least essential of which is his skin color. And I also explained how pissed I was that she ran around telling people my business when I myself fiercely protect my privacy at work. And, he is not my "boyfriend" until we decide between us that he is and I tell people myself.

That little farty shit. She just shakes her head and says, "if it makes you happy. I just didn't think you ever go're so intelligent. Not like these other girls who take in these pimps who wear flashy jewelry and live off the welfare money for all the babies they make."

OK. I have to agree that there is a aweful lot of that going on around here. But poor Maxwell is being completely misrepresented. He does not wear jewelry, he doesn't listen to R&B other than what they play in the ship disco. He studied to be a minister of the cloth! He listens to COUNTRY for God's sake! He probably plays that gawdaweful ring of fire song and enjoys it!!!

Our Lady of Ignorance and Flatulance has a long way to go before she sees the sunlight at the entrance of the cave.

I don't know why I insist on reconnecting with her every so often. She bothers me so much. And she ate buffalo wings for lunch which are probably going to make her ass explode in five directions. Thank goodness I'm on the other side of the building. But I've known her for over 10 years and she was really nice to me when I first started working here. She was different then. She had just divorced, and hadn't developed that sense of entitlement and spite yet.

Anyway, it felt good to educate her today. Although it won't make an impression. Stupid is as stupid does. Isn't that the expression?


Wait till I tell Max that he's a womanizing pimp! Bwahahahah!


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