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8:40 p.m. - 2006-02-11
I'm stranded. I went to the mall to purchase really hot bras and undies, which by the way, the store had a very sad collection of, and anyway, when I went in it was wet on the road, and when I went out -- inches of snow piled up. So back I went to the Sixweasels household.

Stranded in The City. Do you think it would sell as well as its Sex-y counterpart?

I did manage to buy two new bras, one cream, and one black and beige, but no pink, no blue, no green for St. Patrick's Day. Nothin'. Just basics. So I'll have to amaze my man with my charm and appeal, as opposed to my underwear. At least these won't have lint balls all over them.

I also got the prettiest brown skirt for Miami. Just in case we go out to dinner at night and jeans/shorts won't cut it. Or if I just want to look damned cute. Its a damned cute skirt.

I guess the brown will go with the basic cream bra and undies. Pout...

Had a long overdue convo with my Great Lakes friend and had a few good belly laughs. He's always good for some quirky, off the wall observations on my life that make me smile. (((hugs)))

Max and I had a slight marathon call today. And we're about to have another. He also makes me laugh. An essential charactoristic of any friend, fuck buddy or life mate. I told him that I drank beer last night, and that it put me to sleep. Beer always puts me to sleep. I have more than two and I'm a gonner.

He said thank you...

I, as usual did not get it right away.

Then the lightbulb went off, and I said, "Oh, I see. You want to tranqualize me and take advantage of me in Miami."

He laughed his Caribbean, yam planting ass off. Max does enjoy a good joke. His friend he was doing the planting for teased him relentlessly about being on the phone with me, and told him to tell me to come to St. Vincent and come get him instead. I said, since this was the friend that had the hand injury, that I wanted a man who could keep himself in one piece.

I thought Max and he were gonna throw up from laughing so hard. I got much praise from my sea faring friend for making his day. He's gonna tell everyone on the island what I said.

Ah. Bringing joy to the soil tilling working man. My life has meaning.

I'm off to call my brown baby again. Hee. Hee. Oh, did I tell you that my brother and sister in law are pushing for half Caribbean nieces and nephews for their son? Isn't that the cutest?


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