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10:46 a.m. - 2006-02-22
T-minus 3 weeks, 2 days to MIAMI BABY!!!

Bienvenidos a Miami...

Am I making you sick yet?

You'd think that after 14 years of self-inflicted singletude, engaging fuckbuddies instead of boyfriends, that I would be much cooler about this. I am the original Miss Independant, who doesn't give a flying fart what a man thinks of her, and would never fret over her looks, personality, etc. Or whether a man called her regularly...

Its sick. Its an illness. I feel so NORMAL!

Somehow I'm just not quite as excited about going to L.A. in June. Its going to be fun, but not quite the same... My doctor friend is nice, and we've been friends for years, but she's not exactly a barrel of monkeys. She only eats in one restaurant, and only ever orders one dish. She would eat mac and cheese and canned fruit for days on end, and does, without getting bored.

And I only mention food here because I'm going to L.A. where there are some of the most awesome restaurants in the world. Innovative, creative, wildly decorative restaurants that I hear about on the TV. I should be going to one of them and paying more for my meal than my plane ticket for the chance to see someone "famous" who's dog might lower its standards enough to piss on my non-Jimmy Choo sandaled foot.

But, instead we will be watching TV in the living room, eating mac-n-cheese out of the box. Not even the good kind with the squeeze cheese over the shells. Nope. The kind with the dry mix. Followed up with a nice fruit cocktail.

She tells me that she's gotten more adventurous and less picky than she was in college, and I'm hoping and praying that's true. Otherwise, I'm taking off on public transportation and seeing all the tacky sights for myself. And I will sit in some fancy, trendy, hot spot for lunch all by myself, picking at undercooked, or over mushroomed (truffled...) food that grosses the hell out of me just to say I did.

I can make almost anything work. Seriously.


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