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10:29 a.m. - 2006-02-23
Plans and, yes, more Max.
I've got wine. I've got a bathing suit. I've got snowboots...

Its a Mid-Atlantic Beach Vacation!!!!

Six and I are heading to the beach this weekend with her mother in tow. I really look forward to these cold weather outings, when the surf is nearly frozen and 90% of the shops are shut down, and there's nothing to do but wrap up in your favorite hotel blanket, drink wine, and talk about deep things until dawn. Its a time of connection unlike any other. Almost sacred.

No boys, no rowdy friends, no tourists packed from board to board, no hot sun turning you into a crispy version of your old self. Just the sound of the waves, the endless horizon, and your closest chosen family huddled in.

OK. You're right. This doesn't sound right, does it? Six and Zen on vacation with no assholery, no gay bartenders buying us drinks, no teenagers trying to pick us up.

I expect there will be a tale or two to tell. Six and I are magnets for the absurd. But, at the heart, it will be a time of bonding and reconnection. A tradition I've come to look forward to and need. So...

Hey, I called Max last night. The poor boy had gone to the other side of the island without his phone, and come home a couple days later to find that it wasn't where he thought he left it last. Then, had his son call it so he could locate it. It was a miracle the thing still had battery power. He apologized over and over for not calling me earlier. It was cute. I have to admit, that when I don't hear from him every other day or so I get nervous. Like he's forgotten about me, or fallen from orange tree, or crashed his truck. You know, things that women think.

More and more, I'm beginning to see that this Max guy and I are indeed two pees in a pod. Forgetting then losing your phone is such a Zen thing to do. I have to admit, that for Mr. OCD, its a stretch. But at least I know he's fallible. He's human.


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