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2:21 p.m. - 2006-02-28
My name is Zen, and I'm a scrubaholic.
For those interested in the state of my feet, I have purchased a lovely pair of brown Dansko dress sandals with a 2.5 inch heel and rocker sole that helps you walk comfortably. AND I got them less than half price at Happy Feet dot com. I should be able to look cute, sexy and walk miles in these babies.!235&csurl=/istar.asp?a%3D29

OK, they might not be the sexiest sandals out there, but they won't whack out my spine or cause unattractive blisters all over my feet. Not bad, huh? Plus, Dansko shoes are supposed to last through three generations...

By the way. I went to the new dentist today. And he told me that I brush too much! (Ever hear that?) Apparently, I'm brushing too aggressively and the enamel on my front teeth is wearing down. Otherwise, I'm in good shape. Nary a cavity. But, I had to sit there like a kid and get the lesson on how to brush. One must MASSAGE one's teeth lightly with round motions with a super soft brush. One does not scrub or go back and forth. Then he made me demonstrate.

A little embarrassing, but I guess I want my enamel to last me through the golden years, so I'll take lesson.

When I asked about those fancy electric, super sonic brushes? Absolutely not. I am forbidden because I am a chronic tooth scrubber. Its like giving crack to an addict.

Who woulda thunk?

I could have worse habits...

16 days to MAXAMANIA!!!


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