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1:36 p.m. - 2006-03-01
How great I am.
Yay! Your own personal Zen got an "Exceeds Expectations" review and got a nearly 10% raise!!!

Will this keep me from overspending and getting myself further into debt?

Doubt it. But here's where everyone can help me.

I need to work with a financial person who can look at what I make, look at my bills, figure out hte best way to take care of the situation, give me a budget, etc. Not someone who will push me into investments, etc. Not that kind of financial expert. But someone who can make sense of the numbers, my personality type, my goals (or lack thereof???) and set me up right. Like a parent.

What kind of person am I looking for? What companies, titles am I looking for? How much should I pay this person?

Any info would be extremely helpful. Feel free to email me through D-land or leave me a note of some sort.

Yay for me!!!


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