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1:40 p.m. - 2006-03-13
Hot, sweaty man on my phone.
Yup. Definately feeling better. I'm full of boogers, but I'll live.

Max called this AM. He is EXCITED. Its so cute when he gets excited. Because he talks all fast Caribbean and I have to listen really carefully. I'm beginning to pick up on it. When he says its just English really really fast, he's right. But in order to get it so fast, there is also a lot of abbreviation, nicknaming, etc. I guess that's the British influence.

Anyway, he's playing his little heart out in these last few days. When he called, he was finishing up a run from the other side of the county to a local roadside bar for a cold beer. So, he's standing there in line, placing his order, grinning like a mad man (I can see it through the phone), listening to the Caribbean music in the background, which makes everything sound like a party, and then the bastard asks me what I want to drink. "Vodka?" he says. "With limes?"

Complete and total Zen abuse. Here I am at work, being abused already. Then he calls, totally brightens my day. I hear huffing and puffing and learn that he is on his way to a fun bar with his pals. And boom! He pretends that he's ordering a drink for me, when I have to go back to my desk and continue being a worker bee, sans vodka.


But, oh my Gawd did he sound hot. Hot as in lickable, but also hot, and sweaty. Just the way I like them. Just before they get stinky. That salty, glisteny, warm smell.


I'm about to make a nuisance of myself here at my desk. So I REALLY need to stop.

But I can't. Even through the haze of stuffy nose, stuffy ears and that weird ringing in my head, I'm getting that "tiggery" (to quote one Sixweasels) feeling and I can't wait till I get there. I never get that excited about vacation. I feel like I'm 5 and I worship Mickey and I'm going to Disneyland for the first time.

Oh, and I have 24 condoms to use up so they don't expire by the next time I see him. So, now I'm back to all those sweaty, glisteny thoughts...


Its hard to be a girl in lust and work at the same time.


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