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3:41 p.m. - 2006-03-15
Less than 24 hrs till Hot Caribbean Penis!!!

That sounds a bit ho-ish, doesn't it?

I'm so excited that I can't think straight. We have so much to do..., so much to talk about, decisions and plans to make. I keep imagining the moment I get off the plane and see him waiting for me at the entrance. Will I walk right up and say hi, or run right up and tackle him with a big, wet, sloppy kiss with a huge lopsided grin on my face? Is it quicker to get to the hotel by shuttle, cab, running?

He left me a message this morning, while I was being abused at work. He'll be starting the first leg of his journey to Barbados, where he'll spend the night, then hop an early plane to Miami. Spend a couple hours getting through customs. Go to the hotel, get a shower, because he'll be stinky. Then head to the airport once again to greet me off the plane and drag my luggage around for me.

He's given me this routine like 5 times in the last three days. Making sure I have his U.S. cell number, making sure he knows my flight arrival time. Its cute.

Anyway, I'm at Six's (who BTW told me to make sure we open the windows so we can experience some of that beautiful weatehr that will be happening). we're heading off to my overnight hotel to check in.

See ya'll on the flip side!


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