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4:51 p.m. - 2006-03-22
The Caribbean music entry.
For the Sean Paul concert update, you'll have to go see theoutpost, Sixweasel's public diary. I've been trying and trying to describe the experience for days now, and I just can't find words to do it justice.

I will say that, again, my expectations were superceded. It was hot, sexy, hot!!! The performance as a whole, the female dancers, and Sean Paul himself. The man is sex in braids. You wouldn't know it from the pictures. He looks kind of dorky in all the ones I've seen. But on stage, in person, he is one of the tastiest men I've ever seen. And if you think that my own experience with a Caribbean man has colored my vision, you are right. I've got to say that I understand and resonate with the Caribbean body language, roll of the tongue and attitude like never before. And that made the performance all the more stimulating.

And on top of the mind blowing performance, Sean Paul has earned my respect as a person. You see, he performed in The City. And when you are in The City, you will have bitch-fights over stupid shit. Ignorance is rampant.

So, these two women are apparently fighting over a yucky, sweaty towel that he has thrown out into the audience, because I guess some people are into that. And these two ignorants start fighting over it, ignoring the fact that Sean Paul and his band are performing for them, and a cirle develops around the fight. Sean Paul and the guitarist notice the fight, stop playing, and everyone on stage, including the dancers stop what they are doing to go to the corner of the stage, cross their arms, shake their heads and point to the idiocy. Sean Paul looked around for security, and gestured for them to break it up.

As security made their way to the scene, Sean and his back-up singers (also hot) shushed the crowd "out of respect for security". Then, when it quieted down, and the girls were broken up, he yelled down at them, "Fuck you. I'm up here doing my thing, and you're gonna act like that?" Then to the audience, "You girls come here to see me, and they gotta fuck it up." "Fuck them!"

Gotta love a performer who is more about everyone having a good time and hearing what he has to say than drama.

Anyway, go. Listen. This is the second most sexy voice I've ever heard...

On another note, Max introduced me to another Caribbean performer. Kevin Lyttle. He's amix of Soca and dancehall from what I understand. And most importantly, he's from St. Vincent. So, this is a PSA, because I am biased, and I am me. And when I get excited about something, I have to drag everyone else in to.

And no, that's still not the sexiest voice I've ever heard. Nope. THAT would be the man himself, who sounds like the great Bob Marley, but slightly deeper and more resonant. I know I'm biased and everything, because I'm infatuated with him, but that's just the way it is.

You can go throw up now.


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