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2:51 p.m. - 2006-03-27
A Caribbean on thin ice.
Entry two:
Lunch #1 down. Really good Hibachi. Too much fried rice in my tummy though. Just a bit on the full and waddling side because of it.

I love birthdays.

I treated myself to gym socks and everyday underwear as well. Oh, and a pair of gel insoles for my work shoes. This is exciting stuff folks. Tonight I'm going to scrub and vacuum my apartment. Its getting too dusty for a Zen who's allergic to dust. Later in the week I'm going to have my car cleaned inside and out, including rug shampoo becsause it is absolutely disgusting and there are stains on the carpet I don't remember putting there. That's never a good thing. Plus, its not good being 35 and having a car that looks like its owned and cared for by a 16 year old boy who lives like a pig.

That'll about cover the purchases. Oh yeah, one more thing. I bought two really good pairs of shoes that are good for the spine. I owe that one to myself for the abuse I've put my spine though over the years, and recently on my little mini vacation.

BTW - I'm having an MRI on my spine and knee, which is whacked out, on Wednesday. I can usually fix my back pain via ibuprofin and yoga, but its been unfixable for at least 6 months. I've been at a low to moderate level of pain constantly. So we're going to look at the MRI, see what's going on, then put a recovery plan into action.

If there is no disk damage, I'm going to the chiropractor. Its been a huge help in the past, especially when I've been in that bent over and can't get back up stage. We think that a misalignment in my spine is causing the knee problems.

If there is disk damage, I'm going to a physical therapist. Then continuing the therpy at my gym when the PT feels I'm able ot continue exercising correctly on my own.

If I get this fixed, and lose about 30-40 lbs, I'll be problem free. What a great year to get healthy, inside and out. I'm halfway to 70. I don't want my next 35 years to be a decline. I started with the high bp, athsma, and spine issues in my early 20s. Wouldn't it be cool if I can resolve them at 35? After all, I'm smarter, richer and prettier than I was at 25. I should have the health to match.

Besides, if Max calls me an old lady again, I might have to ram something long and hard up his backside. Old lady! Phpph. We wouldn't want that, right?

I'd better get something nice for my birthday from that boy. Call me an old lady... He doesn't know who he's dealing with.


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