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1:10 p.m. - 2006-03-28
Birthday woes and the little things.
Remember how I ate to much rice yesteday at the Japanese restaurant?

I did it again. Because the friends I went out with today took me to the same place!

I feel like a potbelly pig.

More food tonight, followed by cake and ice cream.

Its a good thing Six's ex is out of town with his honey, because I get the bed, and I'm telling you I would never fit on that loveseat after eating all this stuff. I'd roll right off and end up sleeping on the floor.


BTW - I got the x-ray results back from my knee, (did I tell you about that?) I have arthritic spurs in it.

I now have arthritis from head to toe. How's that for 35? Can you imagine what kind of shape I'll be in by 70? I'm thinking wheelchair and a direct morphine drip into every joint I own.

The doc gave me muscle relaxers/anti-inflamatories for the immediate issue, which is that my back and knee suck and the suckage is not going away. Once the MRI is back, we'll decide whether a chiropractor or a Physical Therapist is in order. Once I get back on my feet, its back to the gym so I can shed a few lbs to take the stress off my poor feeble body.

Poor me. Bad news on the birthday sucks.

I'll just have to do more research on alternative and dietary cures for arthritis. Every little bit helps.

I'm not letting it get me down though. I really think that this is just a flare up and that it will go away when I get some therapy to straighten me out. Literally.

On the good news front, my hair grew. I walked into work this morning and everyone commented about how much longer it looked. Isn't that funny?


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