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4:48 p.m. - 2006-03-29
Kevin Lyttle rocks.
I picked up my Kevin Lyttle CD yesterday after work. That's the guy from St. Vincent Island. Its really good, happy dance music. He had a cool, weird voice. Kind of falsetto, but not...

Makes me happy. They played his music on the November cruise. THE November cruise, if you get what I mean. That and a lot of Sean Paul, and Kanye West. That gold-digger song cracks me up. Oh yeah, and that I'm in love with a stripper song. Bwahahahaha! R&B is getting so freakin' comedic!

I'm feeling restless. Spring fever maybe. I need to be on vacation discovering new places. I hope Max can work out a "family" visit for Pam and I. I'm not sure it'll happen, as his time on the ship is during the high season and really expensive. I'm guessing that family would be invited only during the slow, cheap season. We'll see.

I wish it were tomorrow...

That's enough babbling for now. I'd better finish up here and scram.


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