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2:32 p.m. - 2006-04-01
The Vincy and the U.G.L.Y.
Its been a while since I've done a Max entry, so its time.

Max called from downtown Miami. He was hanging out in front of the Western Union/cell phone store getting a new phone, because his old one was broken by his son, and the loaner he got was a pirece of crap.

Anyway, he was hanging with his Vincy buddies, who were teasing him mercilessly about talking to "Shaaaaannon..." again. The boy takes a lot fo beating.

He was telling me that the new ship isn't feeling like home yet. Its still awkward to find his way around, people are assholes and he's just not settled yet. Part of it is that its a huge, mega ship. Which is a pain in the ass. Plus, its a new captain and staff, with a different way of running things. But I think he's really just homesick for me ;)

Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, my big brown man is adjusting slowly, and he'll be OK. He seems to land on his feet often enough. At least compared to his friends. Like the dude who got fired because he took long showers and was late to his post all the time. Now, come on. We're talking a young man of African descent. No dreads, no braids, no fro. So, I'm saying extremely low maintenance in the shower. But the dude still had touble making it to his shift on time, god help him.

Then there the guy who had an arguement about politics and got hacked with a big knife. Dude! Bullshit. Max keeps his ass out of it. Smart man. I could kick people who get into physical confrontations, especially weaponed, over bullshit till they're dead. I watched fuckin' "Hotel Rwanda" and "Sometimes in April". I know what can happen. Kick 'em till their stupid ass balls fall off, because they don't deserve to have balls.

Yes, its a pet peeve.

Anyway, Six and I are off to have a cook-out with some buddies from the old days in college. Married, settled types with kiddos running around their knees. It'll be fun, but we're both looking forward to going out with our asshole types later. Eating and conversation is all well and good, but there's somethin lacking in he mix.

Talk about lacking. Last night was lacking in middle aged balls. Baby balls as far as the eye could see. Where the hell to ladies of brains, beauty and of a certain age go out to mix and mingle with men over 21? Who aren't toothless, lacking in sex drive, OLD BALLS or psycho?

God knows.

We'll keep on fighting the good fight though.

At least Max keeps me stimulated enough to keep me entertained. He is awefully cute. And hot. And steamy. And...


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