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10:09 a.m. - 2006-04-06
Zencicles and surprise visits.
I almost froze to death last night. I had three quilts piled on, a sweatshirt and sweat pants, and socks. Because, my landlord - I presume, had decided that it was time for the heat to be turned off for the year. I have to admit, the last couple weeks have been warm, sunny and beautiful. But I woke up yesterday morning, to snow on my car and a defined chill in the air. Which became more chill, to the point of freezing, and the heat was still off.

The thing is, nobody seems to know who exactly controls the heat in my apartment. I have those old fashioned radiators that hot water passes through to heat my home. And they have those turney knobs on them, but they are frozen in place. On purpose. They don't work. Because I don't pay for heat and someone else controls it. But the people downstairs in the coffee shop can't control it either. And the landlord doesn't seem to know who does.

Weird, huh?

Anyway, its a good thing I heat up while I sleep, or I would have frozen solid.

My nose is still cold.

Not wet though.

Oh yeah, I received a surprise visit from my all tiem favorite relative and her husband last night!!! They do a lot of traveling in their van/camper and were staying in a nearby town. They invited me over for wine and really good Asiago cheese, then out to dinner. This is my 77 year old cousin who got me into yoga. She lives near the Kripalu yoga center in Lenox Mass. Lucky bum. She's also a nurse. Still working. She swims every day. She eats well. She has been my inspiration. A visit from her was just what I needed at a critical time.

She suggested that I find a place to swim or do water aerobics for my knee and spine. The big gym with a pool is impossible to get into. But there are hotels and a couple of rehab places that I may be able to get into.

It'll feel good to get moving again.

Have a lovely day all!


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