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10:47 a.m. - 2006-04-11
Splish splash I'ma shakin' my ass.
Yeah, I'm still feeling cruisy.

The thing is, Max is in the Caribbean, serving up tropical drinks, breathing in the sea air, toasty warm and groovy. And I am here wearing sandals even though my toes are freezing because I am so sick of winter and clouds that I will do into denial and pretend that its summer already.

BTW - did anyone else watch the Gor1llaz performance at the Apollo last night, I think it was? No, me either. But I would have if I had known. But I caught it on the MSN video thingie this morning and was very impressed.

I think the Gor1llaz are possibly the most brilliant of all current artists today. I love me some Gor1llaz. In fact, I love me some Gor1llaz so much that I might have to go online and find a concert in my extended neighborhood.

Enough of that. Today I am going swimming after work. There's a pool where a you can pay by the month and its inside so its not a polar bear adventure. I know I can't hurt myslf in a pool so that's where I'll be post-work each night. Its weird feeling like you want to work out soooo bad, yet you can't move. This is the perfect solution. There will be no ass expansion on this chick.

I'm off to lunch now. I ate breakfast at 5 this morning and I'm starving to death. Well, maybe not to death exactly... But still, I'm hungry.


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