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9:40 a.m. - 2006-04-20
Blah, blah, blah.
OK, I've seen ths Sarah Lancaster chick now, thanks to Nacwolin. And I do see a resemblance, but I wouldn't say that we were twins or anything. What a nice compliment though! Especially from a boy (whacking head with mallet for being so freakin' girly).

I am sooo much happier with my new haircut. It doesn't look radically different, but the subtle changes and more modern approach to the cut made all the difference. I'm feeling so much more Zen-like now. Isn't it horrible how much we depend on our hair for self-esteem? I was the girl who nearly shaved her head at one time, leaving it long enough to have designs shaved in. And now, I get my nickers in a twist if it heads in the wrong direction...

Did I tell you I'm going fishing this weekend? On a boat? In the bay? Where I will hook no fish?

I never hook fish. Or, maybe its more accurate to say that I never hook fish big enough to eat. Mostly I hook shoes, cola bottles, trees and water.

But I love being out on the water, playing with the sonar equipment, driving us into shoals, you know. The whole deal. Mostly, I like being on the water. I'm a water girl. I'm also a mountain girl, but its a water season. Fall and winter are for mountains. Spring and summer are for boats. Unless its a cruise vacation where every day is an ocean day.

: )


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