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9:52 p.m. - 2006-04-26
Oh fuck.
My car that has never broken down on me broke down on me twice today. It shook, then completely went dead. Nada. Nuttin'. So I called my step-dad to jump it and it started, but as soon as I slowed down again, it did the same thing. So I drove it straight to the dealorship where I have a maintenance check Monday anyway and left it in their capable hands.

The HOTTEST cop in the world (in my very own town too!!!) said he thinks its the alternator. So did my stepdad. Does that sound expensive?
I'll have to check online.

Anyway, if it turns out that I have to put serious money in it, I can't. And I'll have to get new, or certified used car like this weekend. Something that won't require me to put money into it right away.

I hate being in this position. It blows my budget. I'll be forced to buy quickly and maybe not get as much input or preparation into haggling over a price. I might get screwed on interest, because I have so much outstanding debt, though I've never missed a payment.

I made that damn car promise me last fall that when I put 1000 into it, it would last me two more years. And damnit, I just go that ticket to Cali, where I will be able to eat at McDonalds and watch TV in the comfort of my friend's home because I'll have no money.

It fucking sucks.

But, it could be worse, so I'll try not to stew in it.

Everyone, I could use advice, prayers, good vibes, pity, I'll take anything.

Wish me luck.


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