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7:49 a.m. - 2006-04-28
Balls, balls, balls.
OK. I'm back on even keel again. I thought long and hard about my reaction to an uncontrollable situaltion, that will not kill me in any way. I am now accepting of things to come.

I am also prepare to haggle for a fucking car if that be the case. I'm armed and dangerous with info and attitude.

Fuck the fucking balls who made the car, made the parts that go into the car and made it break down. (Because as Six and I discussed yesterday, there is ALWAYS at most two degrees of separation between a car problem and a ball.)

I might be a little anti-ball right now. I think it might be some sort of post-steroid mood swing type of thing, because normally I'm pretty ball-friendly.

My back does feel 100 percent better though. I just need to get it the next 100% starting Monday with PT. Yay!


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