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12:43 a.m. - 2006-05-21
What a pitiful mess.
I had one of those, "I'll never do that again" nights last night. The whole bar is still talking about it. I'm temporarily (I hope) infamous.

Too much vodka = me trying to give a couple marriage therapy and lucky not to be beaten to a pulp because of it, me getting all kinds of messages screwed up and calling people out for it, me crying myself into a puddle over some nonsense, me barfing in the bathroom, me almost passing out on the bar, me being specially handled out of The Bar before close...

Ouch. Barfed all night, woke up this AM with the room spinning, a migraine and barfing some more. I took Aleve for the migraine, but barfed it up. Went back to sleep, took more Aleve and kept it down. Headache went away, but stomach has been raunchy all day. Went to wine festival, had no wine. Went to The Bar, took my lumps and reassured everyone that I didn't die last night. Came home early because I feel like refried shit.

Bad, bad, bad Zen. Very Bad Zen.


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