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10:21 a.m. - 2006-05-22
Craptastic entry about crap.
Someone tell me NOT to do that again... I'm still freakin' hung-over.

Feeling a bit better though. Just having the aches, pains headache and general lethargy of post-vodka kicking my assness.


I did attend the wine festival Saturday, because the fresh air was appealing. However, the entrance fee for DDs (obviously I was not going to be partaking of wine...) was the same as those who got tickets for wine samples, which I took great offense to. So I took the tickets, thinking I could share the wealth, but the event was oversold and the lines were gargantuan. So my people only got three or four samplings thoughout the whole event.

I, on the other hand, got a beautiful pair of threader earings and a pottery chowder bowl, which will making eating by myself more special. Especially when I make bowl meals like soup or rice or anything. I'm a bit of a pottery fanatic.

Have I mentioned that I want to get my nose pierced? I saw some women with theirs done and it looks so pretty, but I'm afraid boogers will get stuck in it, or that I won't like it and I'll be stuck with a big ole hole in my nose where bacteria will congregate and have a party.

Oh well...

I might be back on a financial even keel (back? what? I was never there!) soon. My 401k loan went through and I can pay off a bunch of cards with it. And honestly, the way the market went ove the last few years, I paid myself more interest than I would have made leaving it all inthe market. But this will give me the opportunity to pay off the remaining cards over the next year or two then start working on saving enough to pay off the loan. I'm still paying out the ass and then some, but I'll be making headway. An din the event I want/need to get a new car, I cna get an awesome interest rate with my debt to income ratio much improved. 401k loans don't go on your credit record because you borrow from yourself.

I'll have to give my fico a check in a couple of months to see what gives.

It really is time for a new car. As much as I want to keep what I have, its becoming not so reliable for me to be taking long trips like I do every weekend. It is 11 years and almost 200,000 miles old.


I need to get on my feetand feel secure financially first though. Follow my new budget for a couple of months, and make sure I have enough to save for Ireland and buy a new car and put a little in actual savings for an emergency.

Being a grown-up sucks.

Anyway - I gotta pee, so I'm outa here. Have a lovely day!


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