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1:27 p.m. - 2006-06-07
The L.A. trip.
Dude! Whassup with all the potted meat product in my guestbook? I'm really popular with the spammers, man. Makes me feel important.

Anyway, I'm back from the big trip to L.A. and the following things happened:

1 - I was not discoverd and made instantly famous as I had expected to be.

2 - I ate some really good Mexican food.

3 - I hung out with a Latin (Mexican maybe?) hot fireman with a serious attitude problem, which I helped him to adjust.

4 - I went to a beach and expected to see beautiful people in thongs, but instead saw Mexicans.

5 - Drove down Rodeo drive, expecting to see snotty rich people shopping as saw instead, (no, not Mexicans) a rich kid on a skateboard with skating brand clothing blaring "Volcum" or somesuch, inclusing a Volcum belt which matched his little skater shoes.

6 - Drove through Beverly Hills, but did not see any fabulous homes, or any hillbillies. But, I did think it was funny that they street park their Hummers and Mercedes. I mean, in my neck of the woods, those vehicles would have been safely ensconced in a garage with a cover.

7 - Noticed that the "black" friend I was visiting kept introducing me to her multi-culteral friends as her "white" best friend as if she were ashamed. I layed a smackdown on her for it. I mean, they could see I was white, as I glow flourescent like a condom when the lights go off, and its just racist and rude. Girl has some major rage going on with, we discovered, very little provocation. Just a lot of ingorance and propaganda fed to her by her mother. It made me appreciate my relationship with Max ever so much more. He doesn't introduce me, apologetically, as his "white" girlfriend/friend/buddy with bennies/whatever the hell I am.

8 - The only star I saw was Regis Philbin, and some gaggle of teenaged girls on some series I've never heard of. No photos were taken. I think its kind rude to take a star's photo when they aren't working. I don't like to work when I'm not working.

9 - L.A. is NOT a friendly town. Nothing like Miami, New York or other metro cities I've been in. L.A. people suck. Maybe its the draught.

10 - I saw X-Men three in Mann's Chinese Theatre - and the surround sound was really cool. So was the movie.

11 - Had to add one more. My friend's roomie (the homeowner) was super cool. As she was Mexican, and an excellent cook, she insisted on making me and a bunch of their friends dinner one night, and let me tell you. Homemade salsa, guacamole, tortillas and fresh mango margaritas are the food of the gods. Add in a multi-culteral gathering of med-students, residents and their significant others, some popular latin music, and a beautiful sky, and you have a fiesta my friends. Something straight from "Strictly Ballroom". Music, dancing, joking and maybe a little flirting. Because, I am Zen after all. And cute boys are cute boys no matter where you are in the world.


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