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10:33 a.m. - 2006-06-11
Pride, Prejudice and floppy dildos.
I'm watching Pr1de and Prejudice for the gazillionth time, because I have a tendency to obsess over newly purchased movies, and it goes nicely in the background as I clean my apartment and prepare to do laundry.

I had an invite to go to a festival, but I've really been festivaled out this summer already. One can only see so many kettlecorn stands, country crafts and, believe it or not, handmade soaps and lotions (delight!) without wanting to barf.

If only I could zip right to the pottery and zip right back out.

I love me some artizan crafted pottery.

I also love me some dildos, but I find my collection sadly depleted. the spring cleaning vibe (hee, hee) hit me and I tossed out a couple of ineffective toys, one that promised to make my g-spot very happy, but fell much short of the target, and another that promised to stick to a shower wall, but flopped like a limp dick to the floor due to poor construction.

What is a girl to do, but stay home and do a little shopping? I can't just sit back and enjoy a perfectly sunny day without making it just a little sunnier. Can I?

Hmmm. I don't seem to be getting much housework done, do I? There's just something about Jane Austin that captures my attention and won't let go. Perhaps I'll throw in Mur1el's Wedding after this is done. Another amusing movie, but not quite as compelling. I just love the language of Jane Austin's dialog so much, I hate to miss a phrase. Not to mention, Mr. Darcy is just so attractive and have you noticed those nice lines around his mouth?

Still, not getting much done. I may just resign myself to a bit of P&P and a turkey sandwich for brunch.

Have a lovely day!


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