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9:54 a.m. - 2006-06-12
Everything under the sun.
I have successfully de-spammed my guest book, but fully expect to be spammed up by the end of the day. At least they are complementary and polite about the spamming.

I wonder where the term "spam" came from? Who came up with it? Does it really refer to the potted meat product, or is it a one of those things where you take the first letter of each word and it makes a new word type of thing? (Me = no English Major)

I really need to get out of a committment this weekend. I have plans to spend all day Saturday with someone I really am not in the mood for. Its an old connection, and I enjoy spending time with the kids, but I really enjoy her much more when I'm citied out, and need a break from drinking, partying and being an all around asshole.

I very much feel like being an asshole this coming weekend.

A BIG asshole.


I have a half day off coming up, and I'm thinking that if I can bump up an appt to get my legs lasered (permanent hair removal = Yay!) its looks like happy hour!!!

And Six's parental abode is now sporting an opened in ground pool which makes for a very lazy Saturday of swimming and sunning under a layer of inch thick sunscreen. That's the life.

OH - I went to a "candle" party this past Saturday afternoon, which was supposed to be a babysitting thing, but someone else took the kids so I got to stay for the party. Which wasn't an entirely bad thing, because I was hungry and candles are delicious...OK, there were good snacks...but I didn't buy any candles. I love candles. But these candles smelled like nasty wax. For the "world's highest quality candles", they really sucked. But, I did purchase two excellent CDs for yoga/meditation. Its hard to find good music. At least, for me it is. Most of it sounds like crap, or is synthesized where it should be acoustic, or acoustic where it should be synthesized.

Most of all, I hate new age instrumentals that remake pop songs and call it "relaxation" music. Blech...

Oh yeah, no Max call this weekend. So no update there. Its such a shame that such a hot, tasty man is so far away. I seem to be going though a hormonal thing lately (more than usual if you can believe it...), and it would be nice to have my soft shiny man at my disposal. But I will make due with my lovely purchases when they arrive this week and shut up about it.

Did You know they actually make cell phone and internet controllable spinning, vibrating dildos now? That sort of takes the long distance relationship thing to the next level, doesn't it? Kinda scary though...


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