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1:49 p.m. - 2006-06-13
Well, I might be employed with my current employer, be allocated to another company and have to move, or not have a job by the end of the month.

Unfortunately, I've done such good work for the other company while they were with us that I've made an impression, and I think they may make a bid.

The good thing is, if I have to move, but don't want to, I get severance.

The bad thing is, if I go that route or get let go, I will never get my four weeks vacation or a job so close to home right off the bat.

Six did offer to take me in. But, I've thought seriously about it, and I really like it here. I like living in my small town, having no traffic and a non-existant commute to work, a cheap ass apartment, and pretty scenery.

The city is great, but its old, grey and depressing compared to where I live. And I can't live in museams, theaters and bars on a daily basis, which is what the city has to offer me. The only plus would be having Six as a roomie (yay!), and being close to my good friends, and weekday happy hours.

But living in The City means driving home on the weekends to visit family. And having my mother experience a nervous breakdown that will last for the rest of her life. I very seriously think she'll lose it and need to be committed. Not that I'd feel responsible, but its just more negative energy in my life, which I've cleaned up so well. Plus, having a depressed/psychotic grandmother would suck for the nephew.

I think I may just have to leave this one up to fate, because there is nothing I can do about it. Oh, and spruce up the old resume. Its been many positions ago since I've had to do that.

I hate resumes. I know my job well enough, but writing it out in a format and language that anyone can understand is so hard. I have trouble telling people what I do when they ask.


Oh yeah, and if I move in with Six, there is a whole apartment full of stuff I'd have to put in storage that I love being surrounded by. I mean, the loveseat and futon I'd probably take with me, because Six needs a living room set anyway. But all my art, pottery, and so many other things I love would be packed away until I settled somehwere I was reasonably sure wouldn't let me go.

And of course, I've gotten quite used to and enjoy living alone. I can do what I want, when I want, and run around naked as a j-bird without worrying that I'll freak someone out. I mean, a boyfriend/husband is one thing, but there are only so many things you can share with a girlfriend. And running around nekkid shaking that thing to some Sean Paul ain't one of them.

OK. I usually only do that when I'm on my way into or out of the shower, but you get the point.

Bloody employment.

You know what I'd miss the most about this job though? I can get the money, probably more in The City. I don't hate it anymore, so doing the same thing elsewhere would be OK. Lord knows CaptRon has done it often enough. Most companies are going more casual, so I probably wouldn't have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

But I'd sorely miss my four weeks vacation. That's what I'd miss the most.

Hell, this year, I've used a week of rollover, a week of vacation, a couple of floaters and personals, and I'm whining because I only have three weeks and two .5 days to schedule.

Of course, two weeks will go to toward the Ireland vacation. Two or three days for Max's vacation in October. Two or three days if my Great Lakes friend comes to party on the East Coast or I go up there over Labor Day. And a day or two to sprinkle around Christmas.

Which I'm sure is enough vacation for anybody. But, jeez, if I had to back down to two weeks, or, GASP!, one, I'd die right on the spot.

Because after Ireland, I need to start planning for Africa, Tibet, and Egypt. Once I go to those three places, I will be content that I've gone everywhere I need to go before I die, and can enjoy traveling to wherever else I may roam at my leisure.

So you see my dilema...

Send me some good karma.

I did have a session with a psychic in Santa Monica who told me that I'd be getting some extremely good financial news in July, and that a man with wavy black hair and green eyes was going to make me very happy in July, then even happier in September. So maybe it'll be a new boss or something and my salary will get doubled. Because I'd move temporarily if my salary got doubled. I would be out of debt within a year and have a new car and a down payment on a house (or a well stocked travel fund).

Not that any of this is going to happen.

That would be like winning the lottery.

Oh yeah, and she said that I had to be very careful in July to make sure I make the right decision on the financial thing. And that in September, or maybe it was December? I'd have to consider a decision to move very seriously, weigh all the options, pros and cons. Make sure I can live with my decision. But something is supposed to happen in December that will change my life for the better and will set me up for the rest of my life.

I don't really believe in psychics. Or, rather, I don't believe that every psychic can read into everyone's future at any time, etc. So this could all be bunk. But it is kinda fun. My Doctor friend dragged me into it. She goes to psychics a few times a year.

In any case, its nice to think that good things are to come. A little positive suggestion goes a long way.


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