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9:26 a.m. - 2006-06-19
Creepy memories.
Isn't Jack and Diane the most depressing song you've ever heard? It reminds me of all the hillbilly youth I went to school with, fooling around in the back of the bus, skipping classes to have sex and, yes, sitting behind the Tastee Freeze procreating, never knowing at the moment that the Tastee Freeze would support their whole family for years down the road. Barely...

This is partly why I never went to any of my reunions. Its too depressing to be one of the few kids who "got out". Even though some of those families are happy now, and have kids in highschool even (teen pregnancy is a bitch), I wonder if they ever think of the kids who kept their pants on, went to practice instead of the Tastee Freeze, and got decent jobs and a chance to breathe before getting married and having kids?

That song just gives me the creeps.

I think I'll put on my headphones and block out the poor musical tastes of my fellow employees.


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